When we began thinking of creating a Guesthouse, our minds flew away through our journeys, the people we met, those who made us at home. Hence, the idea to offer a place to everybody who, whether for pleasure or business, passes throughout this area. A place to stay where they can feel at home in a small, old village where time seems to have stopped and the flavours of the past prevail over the frenetic atmosphere of today.

If we’re able to transmit to everybody who passes here some of our emotion, giving them a fresh, rich breakfast in the morning, relaxing walks around an amazing, uncontaminated environment and pleasant silences at sunset, we’re sure your stay will remain a lovely memory to keep with you.

Il Gatto Nero doesn’t seek to be a place where you can merely stay, but an open flat for meeting people, celebrating events, connecting to several celebrations of local traditions around us. Everybody who needs a space to meet people is welcome in our Guesthouse.